GHG enters the Georgian dental services market

Georgia Healthcare Group enters the Georgian dental services market


Georgia Healthcare Group PLC (“GHG” or the “Group”) announces its entry into the Georgian dental market by launching dental clinics within the Group’s polyclinics.


Dental clinics have been set up and equipped with modern infrastructure within three polyclinics in Tbilisi, covering almost all types of dental services. Over the next month, we plan to have dental clinics within 10 different polyclinics, six located in Tbilisi and four in other major cities of the country.


To ensure a successful ramp-up, the Group has signed a joint venture agreement with the only established dental chain in the country, supporting our clinics’ growth and providing access to a pool of experienced human capital. In future, we aim to consolidate this highly fragmented market, with an estimated annual market size of GEL 100 million, where no single player in Georgia has previously been able to establish a scalable business.


 “I am very pleased that GHG has uncovered another opportunity to further develop its presence in the Georgian healthcare services business, in an area where it has had no presence until now. The service ideally fits into our existing business model and is very synergistic to our polyclinics business, being the primary healthcare service provider, and to medical insurance business. We expect this to be the beginning of another strong area of revenue growth over the next few years.” - commented Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, CEO of Georgia Healthcare Group.