Notification of transactions of directors/persons discharging managerial responsibility and connected persons

The Board of GHG Group PLC (GHG) announces the grant on 7 April 2016 of discretionary deferred share compensation awards in respect of 2015 performance in the form of nil-cost options over ordinary shares of GHG (GHG Shares) to persons discharging managerial responsibility (PDMRs). The awards were made for nil consideration.


Discretionary deferred share compensation is dependent on both Group performance and the PDMR achieving his or her key performance indicators. The awards to the PDMRs listed directly below are granted under and are subject to the terms of the PDMRs' service contracts and will vest over a three-year period (33.33% will vest on 1 January 2017, 33.33% will vest on 1 January 2018 and 33.33% will vest on 1 January 2019).



Number of GHG Shares in

respect of discretionary

deferred compensation

Nikoloz Gamkrelidze 237,500
David Vakhtangishvili 98,000
Giorgi Mindiashvili 92,000
Irakli Gogia 91,000
Nino Koguashvili 15,000
Nino Kortua 15,000
Otar Lortkipanidze 10,000
Medea Chkhaidze 5,000
Manana Khurtsilava 2,000



This notice is given in fulfilment of the obligation under DTR3.1.4 (1)(a)R.


Name of authorised official of issuer responsible for making notification:


Gurbinder Hodges

Company Secretary