GHG announces launch of In Vitro Fertilisation service

Georgia Healthcare Group PLC (the "Group" or “GHG”) announces the recent launch of the In Vitro Fertilisation service (“IVF”) in Georgia at Caraps Medline (“Caraps”) – an up-scale boutique hospital of the Group, particularly renowned for gynaecology and plastic surgery services in Georgia. IVF services are undeveloped in the country and Georgians generally have to travel abroad for this service. The immediate goal for GHG is to retain those patients that currently travel abroad for IVF service.


The project was initiated during 2015 and the investment required to launch the service has totalled GEL 1.0 million. The total monthly capacity of the department is 150s patients. The IVF service was launched at Caraps to utilise its existing strong Gynaecology practice and its recognised service quality. A distinguished embryologist from Turkey was invited to set-up the service at Caraps, with the objective to develop a local team, which currently comprises of ten specialists. Prior to launching the service, key specialists from the team went through an extensive period of training in Turkey.


“I am delighted to announce the launch of another project in line with our declared strategy of filling existing healthcare service gaps in Georgia. The IVF service will also support our goal of primarily reversing outbound medical tourism and also, over time, attracting patients from neighbouring countries. We are proud of our new team and have great faith in their ability to successfully deliver a high quality IVF service in Georgia.” commented Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, CEO of Georgia Healthcare Group.