Buy-out of minority shareholder of My Family Clinic

JSC Insurance Company Aldagi (“Aldagi”) has completed a buy-out of a 49% minority shareholder of its healthcare subsidiary My Family Clinic (“MFC”). Aldagi has held a 51% controlling interest in MFC since December 2011. Following the transaction, Aldagi’s healthcare business consists of its wholly-owned subsidiary My Family Clinic (with 749 hospital beds in Georgia) and wholly-owned subsidiary Unimed (with 1,158 hospital beds in Georgia), both of which are leading healthcare providers in the country. “I am pleased to announce this buy-out. The acquisition of the remaining stake in MFC will allow us to proceed with the integration of MFC and Unimed, extracting synergies and further strengthening Aldagi’s position in the Georgian healthcare market. The buy-out of a 49% minority shareholder of MFC gives us flexibility in executing our growth strategy and an opportunity to expand our regional footprint through investments into development projects via MFC” commented Murtaz Kikoria, Aldagi CEO.

News was originally announced on 25 April 2014 at