GHG at a Glance

Proven track record of growth

Our Board of Directors and senior management team includes individuals with extensive experience in relevant fields including healthcare entrepreneurship and management, strategy and legal advisory, national healthcare policy setting, healthcare research analysis, financial services and advisory.

This team includes individuals who have held leading roles at institutions such as McKinsey & Company, JP Morgan Chase, EBRD, Sullivan & Cromwell, Bank of Georgia Holdings, Citibank, Smith & Nephew, Jefferies, Capio UK, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Allianz, EY and AstraZeneca, among others. Our senior management team have an average of 12 years of management experience in the healthcare services and medical insurance markets and have implemented numerous strategic initiatives that have been integral to our continued growth.

The senior management team is supported by executives and management personnel comprised of physicians and professional managers with extensive industry experience and expertise and, in many cases, long-standing experience in the healthcare or insurance industry. In particular, to ensure high clinical standards the Company has recruited select clinicians with extensive prior experience with leading western institutions such as the Division of Neonatology, University of Kentucky, the Oldenburg Cardio Surgery Centre (Germany), Treviso Regional Hospital General (Italy) and the Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Chicago).

The market knowledge and experience of our management team is instrumental to our structured approach to both organic growth and acquisitions. In Healthcare services business our strong business management team has increased market share by beds from under 1% in 2009 to 25% currently, with additional organic development capacity of up to approximately 28% from hospital renovations completing by the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. Since the opening of our first ambulatory clinic in 2006 we have acquired and integrated more than 25 hospitals and outpatinet clinics, built or renovated a further ten facilities and added c.2,200 beds. We have entered into the pharma business by purchasing third and fourth largest pharma players in the market and successfully integrated them. In December 2018 we also launched the first largest laboratory in Georgia as well as in entire Caucasus region. We have grown our asset base from GEL 109.2 million (as at 31 December 2011) to GEL 1,240.5 million (as at 31 December 2018). For each acquisition or development, we form a multi-disciplinary integration team of senior executives covering the healthcare and pharma services, engineering, operations, finance, human resources, public relations, commercial and sales and legal functions. The team monitors and coordinates the integration process following established procedures. After completing the more immediate tasks of integrating financial systems and human resources, we focus on modernisation and the assessment and standardisation of service quality.

  • Opened Regional Hospital (formerly "DEKA") with 306 beds
  • Launch of a new polyclinic
  • Launch of Mega Laboratory
  • Entrance into Georgian dental service market
  • Acquired ABC, fourth largest pharmaceutical retailer and wholesaler in Georgia
  • Opened Tbilisi Referral Hospital (formerly “Sunstone”) with newly renovated 332 beds
  • Acquired and launched new Polyclinics
  • Acquired Khashuri Referral hospital
  • Acquired Qareli Community clinic hospital
  • Acquired GPC, third largest pharmaceutical retailer and wholesaler in Georgia
  • Bought out 33.3% minority shareholding of its largest pediatric hospital, Iashvili referral hospital
  • Launch of six polyclinic clusters
  • Acquired a 95% equity interest in Deka LLC, an 80 bed hospital with capacity to develop 320 beds
  • Acquired a 50% equity interest in GNCo, a 450-bed major and well-established referral hospital in Tbilisi
  • Georgia Healthcare Group PLC successfully completed its initial public offering of ordinary shares at the Premium Segment of London Stock Exchange on 12 November 2015
  • Launch of three new polyclinic clusters
  • Buy-out of a 49% minority shareholder of healthcare subsidiary My Family Clinic, making MFC a wholly-owned subsidiary
  • Acquisition of Sunstone Medical LLC, a company that owns hospital in East Tbilisi and has an estimated capacity of 332 beds
  • Launch of a new polyclinic clinic in Tbilisi
  • Acquisition of a 60 bed hospital in Tbilisi with particular expertise in traumatology
  • Reorganisation of Aldagi into a pure-play healthcare business (GHG, comprising of Evex and Imedi L) and P&C insurance business (Aldagi)
  • Acquisition of Avante Hospital Management Group that owns four hospitals, with a total of 578 beds, located in Tbilisi and Batumi
  • Launch of four new hospitals and one polyclinic cluster
  • Acquisition of a 60-bed high-end, multi-specialty hospital in Tbilisi (Caraps)
  • Launch of six new hospitals
  • Acquisition of Imedi L, one of the leading insurance companies in Georgia (addition of ten new hospitals)
  • Acquisition of Partner, the 12th largest insurer in Georgia with a 1.3% market share by revenue in the non-life market
  • Acquisition of 11 new hospitals in West Georgia (Block)
  • Investment in building five community hospitals and one referral hospital
  • Acquisition of a multi profile hospital in Kutaisi, West Georgia
  • Acquisition of Aldagi, then the leading insurance company in Georgia
  • Entrance into healthcare services business by opening an policlinic in Tbilisi
  • Acquisition of insurance company Selbi
  • Acquisition of Europace, a leading Georgian insurance company, becoming the second largest insurer in Georgia as a result of this transaction
  • Acquisition of BCI, one of the leading insurance companies in Georgia
  • Build on the strategy of an integrated business model for the Bank of Georgia
Led by a highly experienced management team, GHG has successfully acquired and integrated more than 25 companies in the hospital and insurance sectors over the past decade