Social Responsibility

As a leading integrated player on the Georgian healthcare market, we understand our responsibility not only to shareholders but to society at large. The concept of sustainability lies at the heart of our business and reflects our contribution to sustainable development – development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Within our sponsorship and charity activities, we focus on providing support to the elderly children and economically vulnerable citizens, and promoting education. We regularly receive requests from individuals and charity organisations that seek help and we apply our best effort to be responsive. Priority is given to people who are unable to receive any support from the State or any other sources.

Supporting elderly, children and economically vulnerable citizens

We provide access to healthcare services for their elderly, children and economically vulnerable citizens by providing access to healthcare services, as well as organising charity events and activities.

In 2016, free medical checkups at our ambulatory clinics and our referral hospitals were performed, providing medical services to more than 5,000 patients in six different regions of the country.
During 2016 we started patient education campaigns for different target segments using various channels.
There is a weekly educational campaign on one of the central TV channels. Practical health and wellness information is provided during the show by GHG physicians.
Daily practical tips for diseases and their treatments are also provided through Facebook platform.
In March 2016, we launched Parental school for Paediatric patients. The classes are conducted once a week at Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital and cover symptoms related diseases and their treatments. Classes are provided free of charge.
In November 2016, we signed a memorandum with solidarity fund, which is charity fund in Georgia, established in 2014 to support individual patients and the most vulnerable families in need of high-cost life-saving treatment or social assistance. Within this collaboration we will provide free MRI and CT scans for children with hodgkin disease.

In 2015, by our joint initiative with NGE Children’s Hospice, Open Society Georgia foundation, GHG and The Administration of the President of Georgia, started construction of the first Children’s hospice in Georgia. Free palliative care for children with chronic and incurable diseases will be provided at our hospitals, starting from the end of 2016. The Hospice will offer a 24-hour service and a day-care center to the patients, where children will be able to stay from morning till evening with their parents to get necessary treatments.

Supporting education

We contribute to the development of education via numerous initiatives. In 2014, we became the first Georgian healthcare company to establish an in-house teaching center to provide access to quality medical education to our employees as well as non-employee applicants. In developing our curriculum, we cooperate with renowned institutions in healthcare industry, such as Mayo Clinic, Emory School of Medicine, University Research Corporation (URC), John Snow, Inc. (JSI), USAID.
We arrange and support medical conferences to provide continuous medical education for our clinical personnel. Since 2014, an annual International Health Conference has been conducted together with Georgian International Medical and Public Health Association. Additionally, during 2016, we launched conferences targeting following areas: emergency care, general practitioners, neonatologists, neurology and reproductology were held in Tbilisi.