Social Responsibility

As a leading integrated player on the Georgian healthcare market, we understand our responsibility not only to shareholders but to society at large. The concept of sustainability lies at the heart of our business and reflects our commitment to sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We continue to introduce new sustainability practices in our operations and are constantly seeking new ways to improve our performance, including in the following areas: environmental issues (focusing on the impact of the company’s business on the environment), employee matters and social responsibility. We strive to contribute to society across all of our business activities by developing socially oriented services, implementing responsible approaches to our business operations and carrying out sponsorship and charitable activities.


Social matters

We are proud to serve three-quarters of Georgia’s population by region and make every effort to promote the healthy living and wellbeing of local communities. We use our medical expertise in our social initiatives to focus primarily on providing pro bono medical assistance, developing medical infrastructure and improving the health awareness of the Georgian population.

In January 2017 the first children’s hospice, Firefly World, was launched in Tbilisi, Georgia. The children’s hospice is a family-type facility that provides palliative care for children and adolescents with chronic and incurable illnesses, trying to improve the quality of lives of terminally ill children. Construction of the children’s hospice was a joint initiative with Open Society Georgia Foundation, NGE Children’s Hospice, GHG and the Administration of the President of Georgia.

We participate in the state Children’s Oncology Programme, under which we offer oncology treatment for children with different oncology disorders (leukaemia, tumours, and lymphomas) in our Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital (“Iashvili”), a multi-profile paediatric medical establishment where we have opened an onco-haematological department. In the mountainous and border regions of the country, as well as in Tbilisi and other cities, we regularly carry out free medical examinations and consultations in high-risk nosology. More than 7,000 patients received free medical examination and treatment from our healthcare services business between 2015 and 2017.

We are also engaged in the State hepatitis C elimination programme and set up 32 screening cabinets at our pharmacies. The hepatitis C screening was provided free of charge. In order to further encourage the screening process, we offered different incentives (vouchers, gifts) to people to participate in the programme. In total we managed to screen more than 30,000 people around the country.

We have set up the Parents’ School at Iashvili hospital, where once a week the leading paediatricians in the hospital conduct online lessons and trainings for parents on various medical cases. Classes are provided free of charge. Since 2017, due to increasing demand, the lessons are also transmitted online on social media, where parents can ask questions and get relevant advice immediately.


Supporting a healthy environment

With the support of the Caucasus Nature Fund (“CNF”), we are involved in the Project of Maintenance of Caucasus Natural and Cultural Heritage. The fund is meant for effective long-term management of the protected territories of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

In 2016 our pharma business co-founded the New Mziuri Park project. The purpose of the project is to renovate the public park popular with Tbilisi locals that was ravaged by the June 2015 flood in Georgia’s capital. Mziuri is the only park in Tbilisi completely adapted for use by people with disabilities.

In 2017 we contributed GEL 500,000 to rehabilitate the damaged area of the Borjomi forest after a massive wildfire. Borjomi is home to a number of unique species of tree, some of which are in Georgia’s list of endangered species.

Promoting healthy lifestyle

Sponsoring medical TV programmes is our way of raising health awareness and promoting healthcare practices, enabling us to reach a wide range of the Georgian population. We have three TV shows: The Doctors, Day Show, and Impulse, each of which show the relevant health expertise in a simple and clear manner on various health and wellness issues, such as screening programmes, allergies, cardiovascular disease, oncology, arthritis, and others.

In 2017 we have launched a new campaign, Office Without Tobacco, promoting a healthy lifestyle within the organisation. With the help of the specialists and consultants invited from the Tobacco Control Alliance, a special treatment programme was developed. Our employees who wish to give up smoking can participate in the programme to rid themselves of nicotine addiction, free of charge.

We arrange and support medical conferences to provide continues medical education for our clinical personnel. In 2017 we sponsored eight medical conferences (five international and three internal), which brought together medical scholars and healthcare practitioners from Europe, Asia, the USA and Georgia to share knowledge and experience to influence and shape healthcare delivery.